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It’s a new day for solar power

Solar Street Lamps

Solar street lamps are eco-friendly friendly lighting systems that use the sun’s energy to brighten outdoor locations.

Solar Street Lamps Paving the Way to Sustainable Lighting

These lamps feature solar panels that convert sunlight into electrical energy and store it in rechargeable batteries. At night, the stored energy is used to power LED lights, giving a sustainable option to traditional street lighting.

When it comes to the best-in-quality solar street lamps, Adison Power Tech Pvt. Ltd. is your excellent choice. We are one of the most reliable Solar Street Lamp Manufacturers in India, designing and building these lights with high-quality materials. Every solar lamp is carefully built and tested by professionals throughout the manufacturing process in our state-of-the-art infrastructure. 

Choose Top-Notch Solar Street Lamps from a Trusted Brand!

Solar LED Street Light Lamp helps to conserve energy, reduce carbon emissions, and improve safety in urban and rural regions by providing well-lit roadways without relying on traditional power sources. A solar LED street lamp, with its low environmental effect and self-sustaining nature, illustrates the promise of renewable energy in crafting a greener and more sustainable future.

Renewable Energy Source

Environment Protection Acts

Parts and Maintenance

Innovative Green Solutions

Various Applications And Features Of Our Product

Offered by leading solar street lamp suppliers in India, this lamp boasts a sleek and modern design, seamlessly blending into any garden or outdoor space. The LED technology not only provides bright and clear lighting but also ensures an extended lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Choose our solar street light for your garden that brings you a reliable and sustainable outdoor lighting solution.

  • Photovoltaic panels for solar energy absorption
  • Efficient battery storage for reliable power supply
  • LED lights for energy-efficient illumination
  • Automatic dusk-to-dawn operation
  • Weather-resistant design for durability
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Motion sensors for enhanced energy efficiency
  • Smart grid compatibility for remote monitoring
  • Urban and suburban street lighting
  • Park and recreational area illumination
  • Parking lots and pathways
  • Remote and off-grid locations
  • Residential and commercial developments
  • Campus and educational institution lighting
  • Military bases and installations
  • Perimeter and security lighting
Adison Power

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