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It’s a new day for solar power

Solar Mini Mast Lights

Light masts are tall upright poles with multiple powerful lights mounted on top to illuminate a rather broad area Solar mini mast lights are often installed on 10 to 12-meter tall poles with several light lamps for transit, storage, and pedestrian safety.

Solar Mini Mast Lights - Perfect Blend of Sustainability and Efficiency

Typically, the illumination consists of a ring encircling the pole with light fixtures attached to it. Municipalities frequently employ mini masts in fields, roundabouts, ports, toll plazas, warehouses, building sites, parking lots, and stadiums, among other places.

As the leading manufacturing brand in the renewable energy sector, Adison Power Tech Pvt. Ltd. brings you a smart and eco-friendly solution for outdoor lighting. These mast lights are designed to provide reliable illumination in various settings, from remote pathways to urban landscapes. We, as trusted Solar Mini Mast Light Manufacturers in India, design and build these products with quality materials and advanced technology in our manufacturing facility.

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Solar Mini Mast Light - An Efficient and Eco-Friendly Lighting Solution

With an integrated solar panel, energy-efficient LED lights, and a robust battery, these mini masts offer a sustainable and cost-effective lighting solution. Offered by leading Solar Mini Mast Light Suppliers in India, this intelligent control system ensures optimal performance, automatically adjusting brightness levels based on ambient conditions.

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Various Applications And Features Of Our Product

Our Mini Mast systems use an MPPT/PWM Driver with auto-dimming, which gives about 25% better charging efficiency and enhances its working time by using the maximum energy generated by solar PV modules. Additionally, the constant current and voltage features, as well as high sensitivity indicators for low battery status, provide comprehensive protection against short circuits, open loads, overcharging, and deep draining. Get more details about our mini masts on our website now.

  • Charge Controller & LED Driver
  • Dusk to Dawn Operation
  • Solar-powered for eco-friendly operation
  • Integrated solar panel 
  • Energy-efficient LED lights
  • Automatic brightness control for optimized performance
  • Robust battery for reliable power storage
  • Sturdy construction for durability in various weather conditions
  • 2-years of warranty
  • Battery life: 4-6years / 2years
  • Pathway and walkway lighting
  • Park and garden illumination
  • Residential streets and communities
  • Remote or off-grid areas
  • Security and perimeter lighting
  • Commercial and industrial premises
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