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It’s a new day for solar power

Motion Sensor Street Lights

Motion sensor street lights bring a myriad of benefits to communities and municipalities. One of the primary advantages is their significant contribution to energy savings. Traditional street lights often illuminate empty streets and sidewalks, consuming unnecessary power.

Motion Sensor Street Lights - Smart Alternative to Traditional Lighting Systems!

Motion sensors eliminate this waste by activating the lights only whenever any motion is detected.

Motion Sensor Street Light from Adison Power Tech Pvt Ltd is a cutting-edge solution, incorporating a PIR motion sensor and the lighting controller within a unified housing. Built by leading Motion Sensor Street Lights Manufacturers in India, this sensor facilitates dynamic lighting adjustments, responding to the presence of pedestrians, cyclists, or vehicles.

Motion Sensor Street Lights - Practical and Intelligent Choice for Illumination!

Our smart solar sensor street lights have garnered accolades for their innovative approach to presence-based monitoring. During off-peak hours with no activity nearby, the street lights autonomously dim to conserve energy. Once human presence is detected, all surrounding street lights revert to user-defined brightness levels, creating a secure illuminated zone. The system intelligently filters out interference from factors like small animals or swaying trees.

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Various Applications And Features Of Our Product

The intelligent, advanced solar street light sensor achieves an impressive 80% reduction in energy consumption without compromising public safety or citizen comfort. Furthermore, it extends the lifespan of luminaires and curbs light pollution by dimming street lights when not in use, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and efficiency. 

If you’re looking to invest in these smart streetlight sensors, we are your one-stop shop. We are one of the reputed Motion Sensor Street Lights Suppliers in India, offering these products in customized options to suit your requirements.

  • MNRE-approved models available
  • High-quality MPTT driver
  • PIR motion sensors
  • Auto dust to dawn feature
  • Long lifespan and durability
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Reduction in carbon footprint
  • High lumen output for effective illumination
  • Battery backup for uninterrupted operation
  • Customizable features for specific applications
  • University campuses
  • Seaports
  • Train stations
  • Residential areas
  • Industrial zones
  • Parking lots
  • Bus stops
  • Park lighting
  • Construction sites
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