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DC Submersible Water Pump

Submersible pumps offer notable efficiency as a key advantage. Operating beneath the liquid being pumped, a DC Submersible Water Pump effortlessly propels fluid to the surface without the need to lift water. This minimizes the pump’s workload, resulting in heightened flow rates and reduced energy consumption.

DC Submersible Water Pump - Versatile and Cost-Efficient!

The design not only ensures cost-effectiveness for handling substantial water volumes but also underscores durability and longevity, devoid of exposed moving parts vulnerable to damage from debris or contaminants.

When it comes to choosing DC submersible water pump manufacturers in India, Adison Power should be your top choice. Our DC solar pumps emerge as a pragmatic and sustainable solution for water supply in remote or off-grid settings. Their reliability, eco-friendly nature, and impressive efficiency position them as an optimal choice for diverse applications, including agriculture, irrigation, and livestock needs.

Your Trusted Source for High-Quality DC Submersible Water Pumps

At Adison Power Tech Pvt. Ltd., we specialize in the design and manufacturing of premium DC submersible water pumps, catering to a wide range of applications. We, as leading DC submersible water pump suppliers in India, are committed to using only the best quality materials and advanced technology in every single pump we create. This dedication ensures superior durability and minimal maintenance requirements, giving you maximum value for your investment.

Renewable Energy Source

Environment Protection Acts

Parts and Maintenance

Innovative Green Solutions

Various Applications And Features Of Our Product

Also, every pump including 1hp, 3hp, 5hp, or 10hp DC pumps undergoes rigorous quality control checks within our own state-of-the-art facility. This meticulous process guarantees that each unit meets our stringent standards and delivers optimal performance right out of the box. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements regarding the DC submersible pump.

  • Advanced safety protection features such as dry running
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Protection against low voltage and lightening arrestor 
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Iron cast mounting structures
  • Ideal for areas with low or minimum grid power
  • Auto ON/OFF feature
  • Direct on solar/battery
  • Livestock Watering
  • Irrigation Applications 
  • Drinking Water Supply
  • Fountain and Pond Aeration
  • Off-Grid Homes
  • Watering Systems for Gardens
  • Remote Villages
Adison Power

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