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It’s a new day for solar power

Automatic Solar Street Lights

As cities strive to embrace sustainable practices, adopting automatic solar street lights becomes a pivotal component of futuristic urban infrastructure Beyond their environmental benefits, these lights enhance public safety by providing consistent and reliable illumination throughout the night.

Revolutionizing Urban Illumination with Automatic Solar Street Lights

The autonomous operation ensures that the lights remain functional even during power outages.

Adison Power Tech Pvt. Ltd. is well-known for providing durable and cost-effective solutions for LED street lights driven by solar energy. As leading Automatic Solar Street Light Manufacturers in India, we manufacture incredibly compact-designed products that are safe and simple to install and do not require any wiring, trenching, switches, or cables. Our superior quality street lights have long-life solar cells, high-grade battery backup, and waterproof technology.

Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Powered by Automatic Solar Street Lights

We provide automatic solar street lights at affordable prices in India. Choose from our range of options, including the 24W Solar Street Light, 36W Solar Street Light, and the powerful Solar Street Light 80W, each crafted to meet diverse lighting needs. These streetlights employ solar panels, which convert solar energy into electric energy and store it in a built-in battery, allowing the lights to turn on automatically at night.

Renewable Energy Source

Environment Protection Acts

Parts and Maintenance

Innovative Green Solutions

Various Applications And Features Of Our Product

Offered by top Automatic Solar Street Light Suppliers in India, this light cleverly alters its brightness based on ambient light levels, conserving energy during low-demand hours. This function not only improves the overall efficiency of the lighting system but also increases the component lifespan, making autonomous solar street lights a sustainable and cost-effective option for modern urban design.

  • Photovoltaic Cells for Solar Energy Harvesting
  • Built-in Light Sensors for Automatic Operation
  • Energy-Efficient LED Lighting Technology
  • Intelligent Brightness Adjustment based on Ambient Light Levels
  • Weather Proof Luminaries
  • Automatic Dusk to Dawn
  • Battery Storage for Nighttime Operation
  • Low Maintenance Requirements
  • Motion Sensors for Enhanced Security
  • Grid-Independent Operation
  • MNRE Approved Models
  • Urban Street Lighting
  • Residential Areas and Housing Developments
  • Commercial and Industrial Zones
  • Parking Lots and Outdoor Spaces
  • Parks and Recreational Areas
  • Pathways and Sidewalks
  • Perimeter Lighting for Institutions
  • Rural and Off-Grid Locations
  • Smart City Initiatives
  • Sustainable Infrastructure Projects
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